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Dive into the nitty-gritty of starting a business. You’ll get the inside scoop on what really goes down – the good, the challenging, and everything in between. Perfect for anyone who wants to see how business ideas come to life in the real world.

Backstage Access

Ever wonder what happens behind the curtain of a startup? Here’s your all-access pass. You’ll see all the action, from those ‘Aha!’ moments to the ‘Oops’ ones. It’s like a backstage tour of the entrepreneurial world!

Inspiration Overload

Get ready to be seriously inspired. Watching Sara’s journey from dream to reality is the push you might need to start your own thing. It’s all about turning ‘What if?’ into ‘What’s next?’ and we’re here for it!

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First, we don’t even like the term business coach or business strategist. Nowadays everyone calls themselves some type of coach. With that out of the way, what really sets this series apart is our commitment to real, unscripted storytelling. We’re not just putting out a bunch of scripted videos, or chat gpt newsletters; we’re storytellers. We’ll be bringing the raw, authentic journey of business-building to life. It will be a first-hand look at the triumphs and challenges of starting a business, providing practical, lived experiences over theoretical advice.

Absolutely! Our series is designed to be accessible and engaging for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting to explore the world of business. We break down complex concepts into relatable, real-world scenarios that anyone can understand and learn from.

While the series focuses on Sara’s journey, the insights and lessons shared are universal and can be applied to many business situations. We encourage viewers to draw parallels and learnings that can be adapted to their own ventures.

We’re committed to keeping the series dynamic and fresh. We’d love to say that we have the road map planned out that far ahead, but we were legit going to take you along the entire journey. There may be 1 video a week, or we may go a few weeks between reaching new milestones. We want this to be as real as possible so we haven’t scripted out or even set a content calendar for the series release. The best advice we can give is to be sure you’re signed up and confirm your email address. We’ll send updates via email so make sure we don’t hit your spam folder.

We love engagement! While the series is primarily documentary-style, we welcome questions and interactions through our social media channels. Periodically, we may have Q&A sessions or live discussions where viewers can directly engage with us.

Certainly! All episodes will be archived on our website. Subscribers can view them anytime to catch up or revisit previous content.

While Sara’s journey focuses on her online business, the strategies, challenges, and successes we discuss are applicable across various business types. The core principles of entrepreneurship remain the same, regardless of the medium.

Upcoming Videos

01. No Script, Just Business

In our first sit down about this project we work through the things we want to start with and how we want to approach documenting this series. This is pretty much as raw as it gets.

02. Meet Sara – Her Background and Business Idea

Join us as we explore Sara’s journey, the roots of her business idea, and her aspirations. This episode sets the stage for an adventure in business building.

03. Crafting the Business Plan

Join us as we guide Sara through the creation of her business plan. From vision to strategy, see how an idea starts taking the shape of a promising business venture.

04. Identifying Challenges and Opportunities

In this episode, we help Sara navigate through her business’s challenges and opportunities. Watch as we conduct a SWOT analysis together, paving the way for future success.

05. Building the Brand

Branding is storytelling. We’re with Sara every step of the way as she develops her unique brand identity, crafting a narrative that truly speaks to her audience.

06. Marketing Strategy Development

Watch as we assist Sara in creating a powerful marketing strategy. This episode is all about attracting and captivating the right audience.

07. Setting Up Operations

Follow along as we help Sara lay the operational groundwork for her business. From choosing the right location to building a team, see how a business comes to life.

08. Navigating Legal and Financial Aspects

Look into the crucial aspects of legal and financial planning with us. We’re there to make sure Sara sets up her business on a solid and secure foundation.

09. Preparing for Launch

It’s the final countdown! Join us in the final preparations as Sara gets ready to unveil her business to the world.

10. The Online Launch

We unveil Sara’s website, kick off the first online marketing campaign, and celebrate the first transactions. This episode captures the thrill and challenges of launching an online business, marking a huge milestone in Sara’s entrepreneurial journey.

11. Analyzing the Launch and Next Steps

After the launch, it’s time to reflect and plan. We sit down with Sara to analyze the opening’s impact and strategize for the continued growth of her business.

12. Growth and Scaling Strategies

As Sara’s business takes off, we explore potential growth and scaling strategies. Watch as we discuss how to sustain and expand her business effectively.

13. Reflections and Looking Ahead

In our series finale, we reflect with Sara on her journey so far. We celebrate her achievements and look ahead to the future of her business.

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