What Everybody Ought To Know About Being Interviewed

If you’ve been following our blog posts the last few weeks, then you know that when we first started doing interviews they were so terrible and awkward. I mean it was for real terrible! Thank goodness we’ve gotten so much better at having conversations that go deeper than just the surface.

Kara reminded Heather and I a lot of me. She likes to take what people think they suck at and prove them wrong.

While Kara is getting to know her clients, she said sometimes she’ll get clients who say that they like certain features about their bodies and then add that they just hate their thighs. As soon as she finds that out, one of her biggest goals during her shoot with that client is to get the most killer shot of her client’s thighs ever.

Kara Thigh pics

We went into this shoot with the same intentions. If you’ve read our newsletter, then you know that when we first started talking about this project with Kara she said…

“I hate hate hate talking on camera and suck at it, so very minimal interview shit.”

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How Being Generally Interested During an Interview Can Lead To A Much Deeper Conversation

I still remember the first few interviews Heather and I ever did. Thinking back on them now is so embarrassing. I’m not kidding or making this up. Our first interviews went something like this…

Eugene : Alright, we’re all set up. Are you ready to do this?

Interviewee : Yep, lets do it.

Eugene : Heather, you good?

Heather : Yep.

Eugene : (speaking to the interviewee) Alright, go ahead and talk…

Eugene + Heather Behind The Scenes Rise Campaign

Heather flagging off some light spill

Go ahead and talk? Who says that? But don’t worry it got better as we did more interviews.

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How Kara Is Changing The Way Women Look At Boudoir

I really thought the quote was just a fun little tagline Kara was using for marketing purposes.
The more we spoke with Kara, the more we realized that it wasn’t just a BS line for marketing.

She was really using her talents as a photographer to try to change the lives of the ladies she shot with.

Click Chick Boudoir Photography Promo Video

Kara chilling before we started filming

We started creeping hard on her Instagram to see if we’d catch her slipping with her purpose for shooting boudoir photography. Time after time she’d share life changing stories from the girls she was taking photos of.

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How Being Flexible Delivered Better Results For Us

We’ve all seen those video campaigns where people are sitting in a dimly lit location using an iPhone to film a video where they’re asking for money.

Boring, right? Well, a couple months ago, our good friend -Melanie “Mel” Mcgaughey- told us about this unique book that she is writing & has plans to publish. (I would tell you more about it, but I’ll leave that for her.) ;) She decided to create a Kickstarter video to raise the funds, but she didn’t want this video to be like any other so she brought us out to Texas to help create it.

This was our first time creating a Kickstarter video so naturally we learned about the many pressures that come with it.

We had to be very intentional about every decision we made.

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Have A Promo Video You Can Be Proud Of

Now that you’ve done everything to get prepared for your promo shoot day, you should have no jitters or worries, right? The best advice we can give photographers is to just let things flow as planned & trust your filmmakers on shoot day.

We understand that this promo video is your baby & you’ve invested good money & time into it; but if you’ve taken all the steps in planning & working with your filmmaker then you should have no jitters. But just in case you’re still feeling that little bit of worry in the back of your head, we want to share with you what to do & what not to do on shoot day.
Eugene+Heather, Promo Video Tips & Tricks, Kristen Weigel Promo Video

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