Have A Promo Video You Can Be Proud Of

Now that you’ve done everything to get prepared for your promo shoot day, you should have no jitters or worries, right? The best advice we can give photographers is to just let things flow as planned & trust your filmmakers on shoot day.

We understand that this promo video is your baby & you’ve invested good money & time into it; but if you’ve taken all the steps in planning & working with your filmmaker then you should have no jitters. But just in case you’re still feeling that little bit of worry in the back of your head, we want to share with you what to do & what not to do on shoot day.
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You Are My Purpose In Life

We became friends with Walt + Liz instantly! About six months before the wedding we met them for coffee to discuss wedding goodies &, in the process, we learned that they were part of an organization called Carry On Records. If you’ve been following our blog then you saw our post about a story we did for Carry On Records. It’s about four awesome people who give cancer fighters a chance to record a song for free & let them sell it to help pay for medical bills.

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From coffee meet ups, pizza making, & many hours of filming, we have had the opportunity to get to know them so well. So when it actually came time to film their wedding story, we were overjoyed because two of our new friends were getting married!

Get Rid Of Promo Video Shoot Jitters Once & For All: Prep For Your Shoot Day

When it comes to your promo shoot day, the best advice we can give you is to be prepared for anything & give yourself enough time to get prepared. Once you have your purpose, people, & locations, all you have left to do is to make sure everyone else is on the same page.

Why Some Promo Videos Almost Always Come Off As Cheesy: Prep For Your Shoot Day

How To Be Prepared For Anything

If you’re wanting a photo shoot to be a part of your video, we suggest setting up a mock photo shoot instead of a real one. This will relieve the pressure of having to give your clients a great experience while also trying to look great for your video. We’re sure you want to give your clients great photos without having to edit out your filmmaker who’s in the background. :)

The one thing none of us can change is the weather but we can be prepared for it. Have a backup shoot date & keep an eye on the weather. With weather apps or the weather channel, you should have plenty of notice if you need to go with your backup date. When choosing a shoot date & a backup date, confirm everybody’s availability: filmmaker, MUA, models, venues, etc.

Why Some Promo Videos Almost Always Come Off As Cheesy: Voiceover vs. Interview

There was a time when it seemed like every photographer’s promo video was all about telling people what they liked to eat, what type of coffee they liked to drink, or what they liked to bake with their children. This may have been the cool thing to do at the time but it just doesn’t work any more. We know that as a creative you want to stand out to your audience, & the best way to do that is to actually stand out! We’ve all seen those super cheesy promo videos -& why do you think they’re cheesy? Because somebody was trying to be something that they are not! Have you ever noticed that there is a big difference between high end car commercials & local car commercials? Absolutely. The local car commercials tend to be trendy & cheesy while the high end commercials are always unique & directly to the point.

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When it comes to [audibly] telling your story, there are basically two ways you can achieve this: a voiceover or an interview.


A voiceover is your story being told as a narration. Whether it’s you or another person doing this, it is critical that

How To Find The People + Locations That Will Strengthen Your Promo Video

Now that you have a purpose, keywords, & basically a direction for your video, choosing the people & locations should be a piece of cake!

How To Find The People And Locations That Will Strengthen Your Promo Video


Who is your target audience? We knew that Kristen’s target audience would be junior/senior girls who didn’t feel like models & their moms (after all, they’re the ones who are paying). We wanted Kristen’s audience to relate to the girls in the video so we told the stories of three senior girls who had a family, friends, after school activities, & generally the same worries/fears that every girl faces. We also wanted to appeal to the moms so we interviewed Kristen & had her explain how she wants to encourage & inspire the girls while also making them look beautiful in their senior images. Moms want their girls to have tasteful, beautiful images but they will also admire the fact that there’s so much more to Kristen than just being a photographer.