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We all know that success doesn’t come easily & it doesn’t come without hard work & purpose. The most successful & influential people are always goal oriented & purpose driven; & we look up to them by following them on Twitter, quoting them on Instagram, & even buying their books.


“Efforts & courage are not enough without purpose & direction.”-JFK

In order to be successful in life & business we have to have goals & purpose. It’s no secret that most potential clients will only give us one chance to impress them when they visit our websites so it is crucial to have a purpose for how you want to impress them -especially when it comes to your promo video.

Eugene + Heather Video Tips For Photography Promo Video
Before you even shoot or do any other pre-production, you need to ask yourself “What is the purpose of this promo video? How do I want people to feel when they’re watching it?” When it came to Kristen’s promo video, we chose a purpose for the video first, then based all other decisions off of that.

Having a purpose for your video will give it direction; & if you don’t have direction then you’re probably setting yourself up for a promo video that you’ll be unhappy with. We’ve shot many promo videos without a purpose so we’re certainly not guiltless of this. Back in the day we had so many photographers say “just make me look cool.” This is why the promo videos we were doing all started looking the same. Photographers wanted to do what was cool at the time & what everyone else was doing. There was no purpose! No story or direction in “just make me look cool.” In our first post in this series, we said that our passion was to tell inspiring & authentic stories which was not falling in line with “just make me look cool”.

Gone are our days of rockstar photographer promo videos (unless you’re a rockstar & a photographer). We want to tell stories with a purpose like Kristen’s video. Yes, we shot her first promo video like a music video & it was ok, but imagine the impact her brand new promo video will have on her soon-to-be clients. She will attract the clients she wants & all because her promo video had a purpose to tell the stories of the girls she’s trying to reach. When you have a purpose for your video, you’re setting yourself up for success. So take the time to sit down, think about who you want to reach, why/how you want to reach them, & then narrow down your purpose.

Keep an eye out for part 3 of our series: “How To Find The People & Locations That Will Strengthen Your Promo Video”.

In our newsletter we explain our process in choosing Kristen’s purpose & keywords. We will also show you an example of a promo video we shot without a purpose so you can see the effects of shooting a video without direction.

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A well thought-out promo video can attract your ideal client. We recently decided to rethink our branding & that meant going through all of our old videos to find the ones that would attract the kind of stories we wanted to tell. When we first started filming promo videos, the recipe was this: show photographers shooting photos, show them editing their photos in a coffee shop, then have them explain how they’re unique because they’ve loved photography since someone gave them a Fisher Price camera when they were three. This was fine a few years ago when this idea was new & not many photographers were doing it; but, all of a sudden, all of the photography promo videos we shot started looking exactly the same!

Kristen Weigel Photography Promo Video Tips & Tricks

As filmmakers, our passion is to tell inspiring & authentic stories & we weren’t being true to ourselves by shooting these cookie cutter promo videos that the majority of us were doing.

When Kristen approached us about shooting a second video for her Nashville senior photography studio, we explained why we wanted to approach this video differently than we had in the past. We wanted to focus more on telling her story than creating another photography music video.

We want to share her sweet new story with you & in the next few posts we’re going to break
down the elements that go into creating such an effective promo video like hers. If you are subscribed to our Newsletter, we will be breaking down the steps we took for Kristen’s video. We want you to feel confident when you start planning your own photography promo video.

Here are a few things we’ll be covering in this series:

-Why It’s Important To Find A Purpose Before Shooting Your Promo Video

-How To Find The People & Locations That Will Strengthen Your Promo Video

-Why Some Promo Videos Almost Always Come Off As Cheesy: Voiceover vs. Interview

-Get Rid Of Promo Shoot Jitters Once & For All: Prep For Your Shoot Day

-Walk Away With A Promo Video You Can Be Proud Of

-DVRS & How They Affect Your Promo Video

-The Importance Of Music Selection & How A Soundtrack Can Make Or Break Your Promo Video

-The Most Important Step For Creating A Photography Promo Video


We’re so excited to be sharing this series with you. We can’t wait to see what ideas/concepts you come up with for your promo video!

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Leaha Bourgeois

Our promo never got shown. Curious to why that is? We all worked so hard on it. Even flew you to NJ/NY

You heard it right. This bride was, in her father’s words, “A pain in the a**.” This was a couple who had already been married for four years but wanted to have a wedding simply because they wanted to celebrate with family & friends. Guests traveled from all over to celebrate this special occasion -some even came from California when there were crazy forrest fires happening. We heard some crazy travel stories about being re-routed due to the fires but everyone was determined to make it, & what better place to celebrate than Freedom Point! Hope you enjoy the teaser below…

Erik + Laura from Eugene + Heather on Vimeo.

About 4 years ago we created our own Client Videos & began sending them out to our leads. They explained who we were, how much our packages were, & showed a bit of our personality. Well, photographers quickly caught on & we started receiving so many emails from them asking if they could hire us to create some for them; & a few even asked if we could send them our videos because they wanted to study & create their own. What a great idea! Well, after 4 years, photographers are still asking for tips to help them create their own videos for clients so we want to dedicate this post (& more in-depth future posts) to teach you photographers how to do this.

video tips for photographers filmmaking

We know that shooting your own videos can be intimidating but it doesn’t have to be. If you are a photographer then you probably have a camera that can record video; & we know that you’re just itching to shoot some videos for your clients or blog, but you just aren’t sure how to get started. A lot of photographers think that they have to invest thousands of dollars in video equipment to get started -but it’s much easier than that! The first thing to do is make sure you actually turn your video function on & the second is to watch this video…

So now that you know these 5 easy tips for shooting your own video, go out & shoot -sometimes the best way to learn is to do. Creating a customized video for your blog or clients can totally impress them & possibly make you more money.

We’re excited & ready to edit a wedding film & as we start editing an important moment, all of a sudden both of our cameras started moving at the same time leaving us no shot to use for the edit. After this happened several times, we decided to have a dedicated person to shoot just the content while the other person would be free to capture creative shots. This way we knew that at least one of us would always have a shot. Below are a couple shots where we did this while a bride was reading a letter from her groom…

Nashville Wedding Videography Filmmaking Tips & Tricks


Nashville Wedding Videography Filmmaking Tips & Tricks


The Content Shooter had a constant shot (& audio) of Christina reading her letter while the Creative Shooter was moving about capturing the artsy shots of her & her environment. Which means when we brought our clips into the edit, we were able to edit the entire moment without having to cut it short because we didn’t have a shot. We can’t tell you how many times this has saved our butt!

Our System

So now when we’re going into a shoot, we choose who’s going to be the Content Shooter for the day & we stick with it! We never trade shooting roles throughout a day because that could leave us confused trying to remember if we’re suppose to be the Content or Creative Shooter for that moment.

We realize that we have an advantage because there are two of us. Some of you may be the only shooter &, in this case, may consider hiring a second shooter to try this out & free up yourself for more creative shots. We’re happy to have found a balance in shooting roles &, in the end, have the footage we want to tell our stories better!

Do you have any type of systems when capturing important moments?

David Hepburn

This is an interesting approach to shooting, especially weddings, that I hadn’t considered before. Nice!