If Kara Walks and No One Is Around To Hear It, Does She Make A Sound?

I really feel like one of the most overlooked things in movies and just videos in general is sound design. If you really want to get nerdy, go check out some behind the scenes of sound design for a movie like The Lord of The Rings.

Now for Kara’s new promo video, we only really focused on bringing out certain sound elements during the day. There’s a scene where she’s showering and, yeah, the visuals of her showering would be enough to get the point across, but adding the sound of her turning the knobs to the shower and then actually hearing the water run while she showers adds much more.

Eugene + Heather Kara Marie Boudoir Promo Video

Kara showering during one of the scenes in her video

A big part of Kara’s business is helping moms remember to take care of themselves and embrace every little thing about themselves. We for sure wanted to include snippets of Kara in her role as a mom in the final video.

There was another moment in the video where Kara says goodbye to her boys before she heads off to work. We weren’t sure what the shot or audio would turn out like but we knew it was going to be one of those one-take moments. We didn’t at all want this to be anything we staged and we wanted to get legit reactions. We ended up grabbing perfect audio with a simple little field recorder we hid out of view during the scene. I can’t wait for you to see the final video!

Eugene + Heather Kara Marie Boudoir Promo Video

Kara saying goodbye to her boys before she takes off for work

In the clip below, you will see a snippet of Kara walking out of her studio. When Kara sent us shots of her studio, right away we started blocking out shots we wanted to make happen. This shot was one of the first ideas we came up with and it turned out exactly how we wanted it to.

You’ll notice that there’s no sound in this clip and here’s the reason for that… when we do some of the takes with people who aren’t professional actors, Heather or I will be coaching them through the shot during each take -which makes audio unusable.

The fun part about scenes like this is that we get to start from scratch and determine every single sound we want our viewer to focus on. So we got started recording sounds and just getting everything into place. In the next clip, you can now hear the actual sounds of heels walking on a marble floor, Kara picking up her bag, Kara opening and closing her door, and if you listen closely, you can hear the sound of Kara’s steps change once she hits the concrete floor outside her studio.

I just freakin love that! Every single step has a sound. Now here’s the thing though… if someone was walking away from you, wouldn’t their footsteps get quieter? If they walked from left to right, shouldn’t the sound you hear move left to right? Of course it should.

In this final clip, you’ll actually hear the automation we did to make this clip even more believable. As she’s walking away, the footsteps get softer. As she’s walking form the left side of your screen to the right side you’ll be able to hear that, too.

Here is what the automation sounds like:

What Everybody Ought To Know About Being Interviewed

If you’ve been following our blog posts the last few weeks, then you know that when we first started doing interviews they were so terrible and awkward. I mean it was for real terrible! Thank goodness we’ve gotten so much better at having conversations that go deeper than just the surface.

Kara reminded Heather and I a lot of me. She likes to take what people think they suck at and prove them wrong.

While Kara is getting to know her clients, she said sometimes she’ll get clients who say that they like certain features about their bodies and then add that they just hate their thighs. As soon as she finds that out, one of her biggest goals during her shoot with that client is to get the most killer shot of her client’s thighs ever.

Kara Thigh pics

We went into this shoot with the same intentions. If you’ve read our newsletter, then you know that when we first started talking about this project with Kara she said…

“I hate hate hate talking on camera and suck at it, so very minimal interview shit.”

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How Being Generally Interested During an Interview Can Lead To A Much Deeper Conversation

I still remember the first few interviews Heather and I ever did. Thinking back on them now is so embarrassing. I’m not kidding or making this up. Our first interviews went something like this…

Eugene : Alright, we’re all set up. Are you ready to do this?

Interviewee : Yep, lets do it.

Eugene : Heather, you good?

Heather : Yep.

Eugene : (speaking to the interviewee) Alright, go ahead and talk…

Eugene + Heather Behind The Scenes Rise Campaign

Heather flagging off some light spill

Go ahead and talk? Who says that? But don’t worry it got better as we did more interviews.

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