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Carry On Records | Music Therapy

Carry On Records Music City Pizza Nashville Tennessee Music Therapy

We are always excited to share new & creative stories & this is one of them! Recently, we were having coffee with our friends (Walt+Liz) & they told us about a non-profit they had started with some friends called “Carry On Records”. Carry On Records provides the opportunity for people undergoing cancer treatment to write & record music &, if they choose, sell it to raise money for their medical bills. After learning about this, we just HAD to create a piece about it to make the world more aware of what they are doing!

Walt + Liz learned about the story of a young girl named MaryKathryn (“MK”) who had her entire left jaw removed & rebuilt by a bone in her leg. So they brought her into the studio at Carry On Records to write & record her first song “Scars”. For us, it was incredible to hear about the dreams that Carry On Records has for people like MK. It’s so easy for every day people (like us) to just walk around & complain about the small things. So to hear about an organization like this doing such great things for people who really do have a reason to complain but don’t was eye opening.

Music provided by Marmoset
Equipment provided by Rent A Camera (Nashville)

We’re very excited to be able to support Carry On Records & such an awesome opportunity they are giving to people like MK. We’ve all been affected by cancer in one way or the other so if you’re wanting to know how to help, you can share this video to raise awareness & support for Carry On Records & you can like them on Facebook to see what they’re currently working on. If you’re wanting to join us at the track release party, please come to Music City Pizza on April 28th at 5:30pm (114 12th Ave. N.) See ya there! ;)

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The Bridge Building | A Four Year Old Letter

A couple nights before the wedding, we received a text from Steve telling us about a letter he had written to Christina. Even though they weren’t planning on exchanging gifts, he wanted to surprise her with a letter he had written her four years ago when they first met. He was slightly hesitant about it because he couldn’t remember everything he had written four years ago.

The wedding day was an emotional roller coaster for Christina. She’s typically a quiet & reserved person, but there was no holding it back that day (especially when she read Steve’s letter.) I think everyone in the room cried! :)

Music Provided by Marmoset Music


This was our first time filming a wedding at The Bridge Building & we loved it! It’s a beautiful venue that overlooks the Nashville skyline; & whether it’s daytime or nighttime, you’re guaranteed a beautiful view!

We could see why Steve+Christina chose the people in their wedding party. From the moment they arrived at the rehearsal until they left the reception, they were so lively & entertaining.

Not only does The Bridge Building have a spectacular view, it’s also been around since 1908! It’s been renovated since but still has it’s original staircase encased in glass in the center of the building!
Believe it or not, Steve+Christina were married on February 22nd & the weather was perfect; & it allowed them to walk around The Bridge Building without having to worry about being too cold.
Broadway can be so beautiful at night & Steve+Christina chose the perfect time & backdrop to be married in front of.
We cannot say enough about how cool every part of The Bridge Building is. If you’re looking for a venue in Nashville make sure you check this place out!

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A Celebration, FL Wedding | Chris + Aliya

Florida is one of our favorite places to visit but this trip wasn’t to visit the beach or a famous mouse. We traveled to Celebration to spend a week filming Chris + Aliya’s story of love.

Nashville Wedding Videography | Celebration, Florida Wedding Videography | Crying Groom

Chris was such a thoughtful person who, for a wedding present, surprised Aliya with their very first home & a heritage plaque which hung above their brand new mantle. Aliya never knew her family’s heritage so Chris spent time doing the research to discover her heritage & present her with the heritage plaque. (If you think you’re emotional about this, you should’ve tried filming it ;) The whole week was an emotional one full of laughs & cries & we were more than happy to have been a part of such a beautiful beginning.

Venues | Corpus Christi Catholic Church
Soundtrack | Wesley Jensen , “Building Houses (Instrumental)”

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Magnolia Plantation Wedding | Clay + Ashlie

We have some history with Ashlie’s family! This was the second time we had the privilege of filming a beautiful wedding in Charleston, SC for her family. We met Ashlie one year prior at her father’s wedding at Rice Hope Plantation, which you can check out HERE, & became friends immediately.

Charleston is where Clay + Ashlie’s engagement story began. They were at Ashlie’s house getting ready for the Carolina Cup horse race when Clay brought in a huge box and he said he had something for her to wear with her dress. Inside the big box was a smaller box, & inside the smaller box was an even smaller box containing the best accessory of all -her engagement ring which, as you’ll see in the wedding teaser, is a beauty!

Magnolia Plantation & Gardens Wedding Photo Charleston, South Carolina Videography
Magnolia Plantation & Gardens Wedding Photo Charleston, South Carolina Videography


We are so glad to have made such good friends with these two & their family. We look forward to our next destination wedding in Charleston because we know we’ll also get to see these two lovelies’ faces!

Venue | Magnolia Plantation & Gardens

Soundtrack | Gatlin Elms, Stronger

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Indianapolis Greek Wedding| George + Emily

George is a romantic kind of guy. He + Emily’s journey began when they went on a ten day Greek island cruise after staying a few days in Venice, Italy. On day 8/10 in Santorini, Greece, George found the perfect spot overlooking the ocean and popped the question. Emily said she “cried like a baby”; but George wasn’t done! When they returned to their room, it was filled with flowers!

indiana roof ballroom photos indianapolis wedding videography
indiana roof ballroom photos indianapolis wedding videography


Sweet George + Emily brought us up to Indianapolis, IN to film their romantic wedding celebration. This was our first time witnessing a Greek Orthodox ceremony, which was held at the gorgeous Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church. Their day was truly dedicated to love, family, friends, & tradition.

Venue | Indiana Roof Ballroom
Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church

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